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Conferences provides services for tens of conferences all around Europe every year. Our services are great for organizers of a small seminar for 20 people as well as for organizers of international congresses with hundreds or thousands of participants.

No matter if you need to produce Programme Books, Abstract Books or Proceedings, you will appreciate the turnaround time and favourable price we offer as well as our excelent customer service. We can help you with graphical design, typesetting or with creating an e-book for your CD/DVDs or for your online presentation. Besides the books, we can print for you anything else you need as well - starting with loose sheets of registration or evaluation forms, posters, invitations, leaflets, certificates, etc. Your books can be produced as soft- or hardbacks, with cover in colour or B&W, gloss or matt laminated or without lamination, printed on several types of paper, we can insert CD/DVDs into the books - anything you wish. The price of your order can be determined online using our calculator, the shipping time depends on the season and extent of your order. We would also like to ask you to let us know as long as possible in advance - ideally about two months before the conference commences. Smaller orders of less than 30.000 pages total are usually delivered within two weeks from the final approval of the data.

Our design/typesetting department can help you with anything you need - from the cover design or joining of your pdf files to the typesetting of the whole book from the files you receive from your participants. If you are not sure about your data, it is best to contact us in advance to solve all kinds of possible problems while there is still plenty of time. Especially if you create pdf from *.doc formats with figures drawn in MS Office and using transparency settings, it may happen that although the pdf appears all right on the screen, the printing definitions are corrupted.

For delivery of your books, we typically use UPS services and let you know about the dispatch of the shipmentso that you can track it along the way.

We provide also other services for conference organizers - we are able to submit your Proceedings to scientific database systems such as EBSCO what can help in promoting your conference and add to the prestige. This service is free for you. If you are interested in this, please contact us well before the conference starts as there are legal issues involved that have to be solved prior to submitting of the Proceedings into the database systems.

Distribution in Europe

Distribution in Europe

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